Sitting Meditation

Sitting meditation is a practice that, in the mind, calms wandering thoughts and manifests the true nature. It is also a method that, in the body, causes the fire energy to descend and the water energy to ascend. As delusive thoughts are calmed, the water energy will ascend; as the water energy ascends, the delusive thoughts will be calmed. Consequently, one’s body and mind will be in perfect harmony, and both the spirit and energy will be refreshed.

How To Meditate

The method of sitting meditation is simple and easy that anyone can practice it:

  • Sit comfortably in a crossed-legged position, straighten your back, neck, and head.
  • Bring down all your body’s strength to the lower center which is located three fingers below your navel. By concentrating your mind on the lower abdomen, your life energy will flow smoothly downward and the mind will become stable.
  • Breath evenly. Inhale a little longer and stronger than when exhaling.
  • You can close your eyes or open them halfway with your gaze resting on the floor about two or three feet in front of you.
  • Gently close your mouth. When you meditate well, lots of pure saliva will gather in your mouth, you may swallow saliva quietly.

Meditation Benefits

When you have gained the power that comes from long training in sitting meditation, the following benefits will results:

  • Rash and flighty behavior will gradually disappear.
  • The activities of the six sense organs will become orderly.
  • The suffering of illness decreases and your face becomes smoother.
  • The power of memory improves.
  • The power of endurance grows.
  • Attachments disappear.
  • Perverse states of mind change into right states of mind.
  • Your self-nature’s light of wisdom will shine.
  • You will be gratified by ultimate bliss.
  • You will gain freedom in birth and death.

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