Chanting Meditation

Chanting meditation is a method of practice that focuses the mind that is distracted among the myriad things into the one pointed mind by reciting a simple phrase or Sutra. Because the mind of a beginning meditator is not settled, chanting meditation is a very efficient method to calm down one’s mind.

How To Chant

The method of Chating meditation is simple and easy:

  1. First straighten your back, neck and head and settle your energy. Do not swing or shake your body.
  2. Do not make your chanting voice either too loud or too soft, but keep it at a level appropriate to your energy.
  3. Concentrate on your own voice of chanting itself.
  4. When you chant, let go of each and every thought and maintain a relaxed mind.
  5. To get hold of the mind, keep a rhythm with a wooden gong or mocktak or you can use meditation beads.
  6. Chanting constantly reflects the original state of your Buddha nature.
  7. You may enter Samadhi, a higher level of mediation, if you have one-pointedness while chanting.

In the program, we chant NA-MU-AH-MI-TA-BUL, Four Great Vows, Ilwonsang Vow and Heart Sutra. The Phrase “NA-MU-AH-MI-TA-BUL” means to return to Ami-Ta Buddha, the Buddha of infinite light and life that is within all of us.

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