About us


Welcome to the Won Buddhism of New Jersey (WBNJ) temple. WBNJ is an Open Circle of practitioners, young and old, from any faith to no faith. It is a place of peace and restoration, and a place to learn and practice Won Buddhism and meditation. Won Buddhists follow Sotaesan‘s vision of living the teaching of Buddha with simplicity and commitment in our highly modern and materialistic society.

Through the practice of Buddhist meditation and teachings we can:

  • Increase our awareness and understanding of ourselves and those around us to live peacefully with wisdom and compassion.
  • See the Buddha in all things and to live in accordance with this insight.
  • Uncover who we really are.

The temple offers Sunday Dharma service, weekday group meditation, retreats, and study groups.

All nationalities, cultures, ages, and spiritual backgrounds are welcome to our Temple in the spirit of an open community.

To do our part during the COVID-19 pandemic, we temporarily limit in-person meetings at our temple. For any inquiries, please contact us at nj@wonbuddhismnj.org

Be Mindful, Be Grateful