Weekly Programs

Weekly Programs

Everyone is welcome to join us in our ongoing Temple programs.

First time visitors, please read about Temple Etiquette.

  • Temple door opens 20 minutes before each session. (NO need to ring a bell)
  • Suggested donations are $5 – $20 (Any level of contribution is appreciated. )

Learn how Won Buddhism and Meditation can enhance your life. It includes sitting, chanting meditation, and dharma talk on Buddhist teachings and practice.


Sunday10:00am – 12:00pm일요 법회 (Korean)
07:00pm – 08:00pmKorean Language Class for Teens
Tuesday12:30pm – 02:00pm둥글게 마음공부 (Korean)
Thursday10:00am – 12:00pmMindfulness Meditation
08:00pm – 09:00pmYoung People’s Zoom Meditation
Saturday10:00am – 11:30amDharma Service

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Come join us to learn Won Buddhism and meditation to bring peace and wisdom into your life.