Our Team

Rev. Shinoh Kang, Kyomunim

Rev. Shinoh Kang is a Kyomunim, literally meaning one who devotes oneself to teach Buddha dharma in the Won Buddhist tradition. She has served as a minister of the New Jersey Won Buddhist Temple since 2022. 

Rev. Shinoh believes that awakening to our true self leads to individual and societal liberation which can help people cultivate their inner wisdom and compassion and work together with open hearts for world peace. 

Rev. Shinoh served as a minister at Namwon Won Buddhist temple and was the director of the Namwon Children’s Center. She has served as a finance officer at Won Institute for 10 years. During that time, she has taught meditation, yoga, and chanting to students in the Won Buddhist Studies and Acupuncture Studies programs. Before the pandemic, she led a women’s meditation & yoga class at the Nationalities Service Center for refugees in Philadelphia and the Penn Asian Senior Service Center. Shinoh also co-facilitated 1-day meditation retreat with students from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Rev. Shinoh Kang received her BA in History and Social Studies Education from Ewha Womans University in 2004 and started her monastic training in 2005. She graduated from the Dept. of Won Buddhism, Youngsan Son University, Youngkwang, Iksan, Korea, and earned an M.A. of the Graduate Studies of Won Buddhism, Iksan, Korea, and her MA in Applied Meditation Studies from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA. She received full ordination in 2010.